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Inspiring Lifelong Readers

Using Inquiry to Engage Learners in Grades 6–12

Featuring stories from the field and reproducible tools, Inspiring Lifelong Readers emphasizes the importance of reading and creating a community of readers, writers, communicators, and thinkers. This book will help you navigate the demands for students’ attention and enhance student engagement in literacy.


  • Access practical strategies and reproducible tools to support literacy instruction.
  • Implement the inquiry approach and workshop framework to effectively advance the literacy skills of all readers.
  • Curate a classroom library of diverse, inclusive books and other texts that pique students’ interests.
  • Celebrate student accomplishments by rewarding met goals and continued progress.
  • Understand the physical and social-emotional classroom environments that create the ideal conditions for literacy engagement.

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Inspiring Lifelong Readers

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Chapter 1: Building a Community of Readers, Writers, Communicators, and Thinkers
Chapter 2: Immersing Adolescents in Rich, Diverse Text
Chapter 3: Using Inquiry for English Language Arts and Literacy
Chapter 4: Structuring Class Time for Authentic Literacy Engagement
Chapter 5: Creating Conditions for Student Engagement
Chapter 6: Celebrating Literacy Achievements


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 6



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