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Leading a Culture of Reading

How to Ignite and Sustain a Love of Literacy in Your School Community

Explore the practical, culture-building strategies that support literacy for all. This book is a tool for educators working to promote the importance of reading and develop students’ engagement in reading and literacy work.


  • Understand how access to devices has dampened reading interest among K–12 students and consequently affected literacy.
  • Create and launch a reading campaign.
  • Become familiar with the research behind the role of social media in students’ lives and discover how to use social media to support reading engagement.
  • Develop ways for adults in a school community to reflect on and share their reading lives with students.
  • Know the role of parents and caregivers in establishing and maintaining reading habits.
  • Incorporate student leadership into literacy programs and have access to a toolkit for implementing leadership into reading campaigns.
  • Create opportunities for visibility and school community participation that celebrate reading.

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Leading a Culture of Reading

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: #BrandReading: How to Leverage a Campaign in Your School Community and Attract Followers
Chapter 2: Developing Reading Role Models: How to Rally Adults to Explore Their Reading Lives
Chapter 3: Sustaining the Culture: How to Make the Culture Visible, Participatory, and Celebratory
Chapter 4: Helping Students Become Literacy Leaders: How to Rally Students to Plan Reading Events
Chapter 5: Positioning Adults as A-List Celebrities: How to Make Author Visits Part of the Reading Culture Experience
Chapter 6: Partnering With Home and School: How to Engage Families and Caregivers in Building Reading Culture
Chapter 7: Elevating Reading When Other Endeavors Come Into Focus: How to Continue to Prioritize Reading and Reading Culture
Epilogue: Embracing Some
Appendix A: Recommended Book Lists
Appendix B: High-Interest Book Lists to Share With Caregivers



Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6



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