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Beyond the Common Core A Handbook for Mathematics in a PLC at Work, High School

A Handbook for Mathematics in a PLC at Work, High School

Focus your curriculum to heighten student achievement. Learn 10 high-leverage team actions for grades 9–12 mathematics instruction and assessment. Discover the actions your team should take before a unit of instruction begins, as well as the actions and formative assessments that should occur during instruction. Examine how to most effectively reflect on assessment results, and prepare for the next unit of instruction.


  • Identify and cultivate the elements of mathematics instruction and assessment that yield the greatest impact on student learning.
  • Increase student learning through 10 steps known as high-leverage team actions for mathematics instruction and assessment.
  • Understand which actions must occur before, during, and after unit instruction with your collaborative team.
  • Access reproducibles and appendices to gain instructional strategies aligned with your state's standards.

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Beyond the Common Core

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Chapter 1: Before the Unit
Chapter 2: During the Unit
Chapter 3: After the Unit
Epilogue: Taking Your Next Steps
Appendix A: Standards for Mathematical Practice
Appendix B: Standards for Mathematical Practice Evidence Tool
Appendix C: Cognitive-Demand-Level Task-Analysis Guide
Appendix D: Sources for Higher-Level-Cognitive-Demand Tasks
Appendix E: How the Mathematics at Work High-Leverage Team Actions Support the NCTM Principles to Actions