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Mathematics Assessment and Intervention in a PLC at Work™

Harness the power of formative assessment processes within an RTI model (MTSS) to inspire student learning in mathematics. This user-friendly resource is divided into two parts, each covering a key team action for mathematics in a PLC at Work™. First you’ll learn how to develop high-quality common assessments. Then discover how to use the mathematics assessments for formative student learning and intervention. The book features unit samples for learning standards, sample unit exams, student performance trackers, and more.


  • Explore an assessment model for writing quality common assessments.
  • Utilize RTI Tier 2 intervention strategies for effectively responding to student learning.
  • Make sense of the grade-level content standards and corresponding tasks.
  • Learn how to write quality common unit assessments and score them accurately.
  • Determine how students can reflect and set performance goals using common unit assessment results.
  • Develop a Tier 2 RTI math intervention program to support student learning.

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Mathematics Assessment and Intervention in a PLC at Work™

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Table of Contents

PART 1: TEAM ACTION 1: Develop High-Quality Common Assessments for the Agreed-On Essential Learning Standards

Chapter 1: The Purpose and Benefit of Common Mathematics Assessments
Chapter 2: Quality Common Mathematics Unit Assessments
Chapter 3: Sample Common Mathematics Unit Assessments and Collaborative Scoring Agreements
Part 1 Summary

PART 2: TEAM ACTION 2: Use Common Assessments for Formative Student Learning and Intervention

Chapter 4: Quality Mathematics Assessment Feedback Processes
Chapter 5: Team Response to Student Learning Using Tier 2 Mathematics Intervention Criteria
Chapter 6: Student Action on Assessment Feedback During the Unit
Part 2 Summary
Appendix: Cognitive-Demand-Level Task Analysis Guide



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Proficiency Maps

Unit Essential Learning Standards

Example Assessment Questions by Grade

Scoring Agreements for Online Assessment Questions

Student Work With Team Scoring for Online Assessment Questions

Common Mid-Unit Assessments

Common End-of-Unit Assessments With Scoring Agreements and Student Reflections

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