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Aligning School Districts as PLCs

In order for a professional learning community to achieve its full potential, all levels districtwide must align around the three big ideas: ensuring a focus on learning, building a collaborative culture, and establishing a results orientation. This book breaks down the complex process of aligning the work of central office staff, building leadership, and teachers to increase student achievement.


  • Learn which policies and procedures must be aligned districtwide and why.
  • Explore the essential tools used to create alignment: defining roles, communicating through data, and using loose and tight forms of leadership.
  • Understand the responsibilities of each role and how they intersect.
  • Use reproducible self-assessments to evaluate district alignment progress.

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Aligning School Districts as PLCs

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Chapter 1: The Case for Districtwide Alignment
Chapter 2: Alignment’s Essential Components
Chapter 3: Aligning to a Focus on Learning
Chapter 4: Aligning to a Collaborative Culture
Chapter 5: Aligning to a Results Orientation
Chapter 6: An Alternative to Dead Reckoning: Assessing PLC Alignment
Appendix: Big Idea Self-Assessments