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Global Perspectives

Professional Learning Communities at Work™ in International Schools

Transform your school into a high-performing, student-centered PLC. Tailored specifically to international schools, this resource will guide you through every aspect of PLC implementation. The book's contributors are all international-school educators with firsthand experience successfully reculturing their schools into PLCs. They offer real-world examples, strategies, and techniques for taking your school from good to great.


  • Get a compelling, accessible narrative to grasp PLC problems and solutions.
  • Read the book cover to cover or select chapters for minilessons.
  • Gain reproducible tools you can use in your own schools.

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Global Perspectives

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Foreword by Richard DuFour
Introduction: Making the Case for Professional Learning Communities in International Schools
Chapter 1: Building a PLC Culture in International Schools: A Superintendent's Perspective
Chapter 2: Understanding the International School Student
Chapter 3: Understanding the International School Teacher
Chapter 4: Creating a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum in International Schools
Chapter 5: Creating a Learning-Focused International School
Chapter 6: Creating an Inclusive International School
Chapter 7: Harnessing the Potential of Singleton Teachers in International Schools
Chapter 8: Building a Progressive International School Through the PLC Process
Chapter 9: Learning From the Jakarta Intercultural School Story
Chapter 10: Transforming the Singapore American School




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