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How to Use Digital Tools to Support Teachers in a PLC

Discover practical, applicable tips for infusing digital tools into your PLC. With this how-to guide, you’ll explore how technology has changed the way groups share, cooperate, and take collective action—the three strategies the author identifies as being instrumental to PLC success. Each chapter includes a targeted list of digital tools your team can use daily to support your strategic goals.


  • Identify and understand the strategies needed for a successful PLC.
  • Use digital tools to make the most of team time, energy, and effort.
  • Read examples of how the use of technology solved real-world dilemmas and supported PLCs.
  • Discover the best digital tools to support each of the three strategies.
  • Access a continually updated list of tools and services that support the PLC strategies in the book.

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How to Use Digital Tools to Support Teachers in a PLC

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Chapter 1: Sharing
Chapter 2: Cooperating
Chapter 3: Taking Collective Action
Epilogue: Change Starts With Unlearning the Obvious


Visit http://bit.ly/UDTquickguide to find a constantly updated list of tools and services, “Quick Guide to Tools for Collaboration,” to support technology use in your professional learning community.


Developing Content With Others

Sharing Ideas

Forming Communities and Doing Online Conferences

Meeting Virtually

Chapter 1

Doing Social Bookmarking

Sharing Photos

Sharing Ideas on Twitter

Chapter 2

Cooperating and Sharing Through Wiki Services

Maintaining Shared Files and Supporting Collaborative Production

Negotiating in PLCs

Chapter 3

Facilitating Collective Action Around Student Learning

Starting Conversations Online

About the Author

William M. Ferriter