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RTI in the Early Grades

Intervention Strategies for Mathematics, Literacy, Behavior & Fine-Motor Challenges

Explore why intervention and support for struggling students in the early grades are essential to student success. Teachers and support personnel will discover how to implement RTI-based supports in the early grades and learn what this prevention looks like. Find practical, research-based strategies to seal the gaps in student learning in grades K–3, identify students who need intervention, and more.


  • Gain strategies for identifying, intervening with, and supporting students earlier than grade 4 when RTI programs typically begin.
  • Learn how to begin a dialogue within schools on evidence-based supports for early use of RTI programs.
  • Use checklists to determine next steps in each subject area for English learners and students with social and emotional, speech and language, and fine-motor-skill challenges.

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RTI in the Early Grade

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Chapter 1: Reading
Chapter 2: Writing
Chapter 3: Mathematics
Chapter 4: English Learners
Chapter 5: Students With Social/Emotional, Speech/Language, and Fine-Motor Challenges


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5


Math Tools for Universal Screening and Progress Monitoring

Self-Regulatory Assessment and Problem-Solving Tool

Simplified Functional Behavior Analysis or Antecedents-Behavior-Consequences Chart