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RTI in Math

Practical Guidelines for Elementary Teachers

This map of the RTI process offers an overview of research, detailed guidance through each stage of implementation, tools for teacher reflection and growth, and discussion of support strategies beyond the classroom. The authors analyze a variety of common student difficulties in elementary math and apply a three-tier RTI model to the general education classroom.


  • Examine research on RTI strategies and effectiveness.
  • Explore common student difficulties in math and gain strategies for addressing them.
  • Review extensive case studies of the three-tier RTI model in action at various grade levels.

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RTI in Math

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Chapter 1: The RTI Process in Elementary Mathematics
Chapter 2: Tier 1 Mathematics Instruction: A Critical Component of RTI
Chapter 3: RTI Procedures for Number Sense and Early Mathematics Skills
Chapter 4: RTI Procedures in Elementary Mathematics
Chapter 5: RTI and Problem Solving
Chapter 6: PLC Support Strategies for School- and Districtwide RTI Procedures in Mathematics