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The Handbook for SMART School Teams

Revitalizing Best Practices for Collaboration

Prepare your students for the future while juggling the expectations of multiple stakeholders! A fresh take on the classic first edition, this guide defines and advocates SMART goals—goals that are Strategic and specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results oriented, and Time bound. Gain a schoolwide understanding of how to cultivate a productive collaborative culture, and engage every member of your team in the process.


  • Gain a schoolwide understanding of what success is, how to assess it, and when it should be measured.
  • Engage every member of the school team to reach common expectations and priorities.
  • Plan and execute effective team meetings.
  • Learn to make well-informed decisions using group planning processes and data tools.
  • Prepare students, staff, and other stakeholders for school improvement plans.

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The Handbook for SMART School Teams

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Introduction: SMART Thinking for (Still) Critical Times
Chapter 1: Cornerstones of Collaboration and Teamwork
Chapter 2: Fundamentals for Getting Started
Chapter 3: Teamwork Basics
Chapter 4: Tools for Productive Meetings
Chapter 5: Group Process and Planning Tools
Chapter 6: Tools for Understanding Perceptions and Opinions
Chapter 7: Data Tools for Understanding More Than Problems
Chapter 8: Systems Thinking or Coherent School Improvement
Chapter 9: A Schoolwide Improvement Process
Appendix A: Tools for SMART Schools
Appendix B: Reproducibles


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 9

Appendix B



Kinesthetic Learner Techniques

Snapshot and Moving Picture Tools Examples

Cloud-Based Tools Examples