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Making Math Accessible to Students With Special Needs

Practical Tips and Suggestions (Grades K–2)

Increase your capacity to make mathematics accessible to all students. This manual offers tools and guidance that everyone in mathematics education can use to increase confidence and competence. Chapters address critical topics such as federal and state legislation, research-based instructional best practices, and alternative instruction and assessment practices. Reflective questions and tasks make this a perfect book for self-guided or group study. Appendices offer sample answers and additional supports.


Chapter 1: Why Do We Need to Make Mathematics Accessible to All Students?
Chapter 2: Creating a Supportive Classroom Environment
Chapter 3: Understanding High-Quality, Effective Instruction
Chapter 4: Accommodating Mathematics for Students With Special Needs
Chapter 5: The 5E Instructional Model
Chapter 6: Creating and Adapting Lessons for High-Quality Instruction
Appendix A: Responses to Tasks and Reflections
Appendix B: Reproducibles for Lessons in Chapters 5 and 6
Appendix C: Additional Resources

Making Math Accessible to Students With Special Needs