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Create Future-Ready Classrooms, Now!

Create Future-Ready Classrooms, Now!

Unite pedagogy and technology to inspire systemic school change. The author offers powerful, yet practical methods to incorporate technology into daily instruction and prepare students for lifelong learning in a global society. Explore digital tools that help seamlessly incorporate the technology-rich world into the classroom, understand how to use media for deeper learning, and examine a new approach to engagement and recognition.


  • Use technology to link educational theory and effective classroom instruction.
  • Involve students in their learning using engaging websites, apps, software, and other media.
  • Empower students to solve real-world problems.
  • Create a common language about lesson design, delivery, and assessment.
  • Acquire tech-savvy strategies for providing effective feedback and assessment.
  • Reflect on chapter-ending questions individually or in small groups.

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Introduction: Pedagogy Should Lead Technology Use in the Classroom
Chapter 1: Providing Specific and Timely Feedback
Chapter 2: Creating Nonlinguistic Representations for Deeper Understanding
Chapter 3: Using Technology Tools for Formative Evaluation
Chapter 4: Teaching Metacognition With Technology
Chapter 5: Recognizing and Reinforcing the Efforts of Students, Schools, and Districts
Chapter 6: Collaborating and Cooperative Learning
EpilogueLooking Ahead
AppendixTechnology Resources



Online Tools for Cloud Computing

Chapter 1

Online Learning Management Systems Adopted by K–12 Districts

Chapter 2

Apps and Software for Editing Images

Online Image Databases

Websites for Broadcasting Live Video

Websites for Creating and Publishing Videos

Websites and Software for Creating and Publishing Podcasts

Websites for Searching for Audio Clips and Music

Websites for Searching for Copyright-Friendly Images

Chapter 3

Websites for Creating Blogs and Wikis

Websites for Designing Exit Slip Activities

Websites for Online Formative Assessment and Evaluation

Websites for Organizing and Managing Evaluations

Chapter 4

Examples of Screencasts

Websites and Apps for Creating Screencasts

Websites for Creating and Using Graphic Organizers

Websites for Creating Infographics

Websites for Creating Tag Clouds

Chapter 5

Websites for Reinforcing Positive Classroom Behavior

Websites for Creating and Using Digital Badges

Chapter 6

Websites for Managing Classrooms