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Shifting to Digital

A Guide to Engaging, Teaching, and Assessing Remote Learners

Rely on Shifting to Digital to deliver clear and concise answers to all of your remote teaching questions. This comprehensive guide provides specific strategies for planning high-engagement instruction, handling technology, assessing collaboration and assignments, and more. You’ll also gain access to a helpful list of digital tools, along with online-specific lessons and projects for various subjects.


  • Learn how to engage and manage multiple students online at one time.
  • Create effective lesson plans that incorporate synchronous and asynchronous instruction based on best-practice cooperative learning and project-based learning.
  • Gauge students' executive function and increase their self-direction—a crucial part of online learning.
  • Understand how to best teach and support English learners and students with special needs.
  • Plan communications for students, parents, and guardians that address technology procedures, expectations, and privacy.

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Shifting to Digital

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Chapter 1: The Technology to Master
Chapter 2: Instructional Design for Virtual Learning
Chapter 3: Digital Documents
Chapter 4: Mindful Engagement in Digital Classrooms
Chapter 5: Positive Interaction and Social-Emotional Learning
Chapter 6: Feedback
Chapter 7: Assessment in a Digital Environment
Chapter 8: Students With Special Needs
Chapter 9: Communication With Parents and Guardians



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 9



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