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The Connected Educator

Learning and Leading in a Digital Age

Create a connected learning community through social media and rediscover the power of being a learner first. After uncovering the theories and research behind the significance of learning through collaboration with other educators, the authors show you how to take advantage of technology to improve your own learning and ultimately the learning of your students.


  • Examine chapter-specific author vignettes to understand leading and learning in networks and communities.
  • Gain step-by-step instructions on how to utilize a particular technology tool.
  • Explore relevant, real-life examples of educators using technology tools to enhance learning in their classrooms and schools.
  • Read the research behind the author's connected learning community model and scale.

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The Connected Educator

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Chapter 1: Defining the Connected Educator
Chapter 2: Developing a Connected Learning Model
Chapter 3: Learning to Learn
Chapter 4: Building a Collaborative Culture
Chapter 5: Using Tools to Support Connected Learning
Chapter 6: Building Your Connected Learning Community
Chapter 7: Sustaining the Momentum
Chapter 8: Transforming Leadership for a Connected World
Chapter 9: What the Future Holds
Appendix A: Research Base for the Connected Learning Community Model
Appendix B: Scale in Action
Appendix C: Common Diigo and Twitter Hashtags


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Common Diigo and Twitter Hashtags


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