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Education news, tips, & resources for April
May 2021 | Learning and Leading Professional Learning News: Wellness and Well-being
Welcome to the May 2021 edition of Learning and Leading.

This month we are focusing on school and system wellness and well-being. This year, more than ever, students and staff have been challenged to stay on track with their teaching and learning, despite the mental and physical stress of an ongoing global pandemic. Whether your school has been operating in-person or online, each has its own challenges for both staff and students, ultimately leading to an impact on the learning environment. Within this newsletter you will find valuable tips and strategies to support your students, staff, and yourself, as we approach the end of this very long school year.

In this edition you will find our new and best-selling professional books to support whole-school wellness initiatives, online professional learning opportunities, as well as free reading and viewing from experts in the field of educator and student well-being. Enjoy the latest edition of Learning and Leading, and don't forget to share with your colleagues and professional learning network.

—Solution Tree Education Canada
New and Best-selling Books
A highly anticipated companion to the wildly popular HEART!, SOUL! empowers educators take another giant leap toward fulfilling their professional promise.
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Trauma-Sensitive Instruction
Trauma-Sensitive Instruction
Create safe classrooms where students are empowered to build resilience, cope with traumatic experiences, and achieve at high levels.
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Coaching for Professional Wellness
Coaching for Professional Wellness
Acquire evergreen coaching strategies alongside fresh new solutions that will help you differentiate support for new and veteran teachers, address teacher self-care, and more.
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Building Great Mental Health Professional–Teacher Teams
Learn how teachers, school counselors, psychologists, and social workers can harness their collective power to support students' social-emotional needs.
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The Metacognitive Student
The Metacognitive Student
Dive deep into the what and how of structured SELf-questioning—a powerful strategy you can use to support students academically, socially, and emotionally.
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180 Days of Self-Care for Busy Educators
180 Days of Self-Care for Busy Educators
Access 36 weeks of self-care strategies and techniques, each corresponding with a week of the school year.
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On-site and Online
Professional Development
The Virtual Professional Wellness and Self-Care for Educators Portable Event Package brings together a select group of authors and presenters who collectively share words of wisdom, messages of inspiration, and research-affirmed routines for self-care, self-compassion, and self-reflection. Learn more »

Social-Emotional Learning and Wellness Professional Development will equip you with a customized toolkit of strategies for navigating competing priorities and building meaningful learning experiences across grade levels and subject areas. Learn more »
Expert Spotlight
Tina H. Boogren
Tina H. Boogren, PhD, is a fierce advocate for educators and an award-winning educator, best-selling author, and highly sought-after speaker.
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Upcoming Events
Free Webinar: Attending to the Well-being of Your Professional Life!
With Tina H. Boogren and Timothy D. Kanold
May 19, 2021 | 3:00 p.m. ET
In this interactive and highly engaging webinar, Tim Kanold and Tina Boogren premiere their new research-affirmed Professional Wellness for Educators framework by outlining four dimensions of professional wellness (physical, mental, emotional, and social) thoughtfully designed to avoid burnout and inspire practical daily routines for a healthy, balanced, and meaningful professional life.
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Achieve Virtual Institute
Achieve Virtual Institute
Virtual Event | August 16–18, 2021
The last year has challenged our schools and disrupted teaching and learning as we moved between in-person and remote instruction. It's time to capitalize on the moment and transform assessment practices to foster hope, efficacy, and achievement. Join us for a variety of practical sessions that support the whole child and the whole educator.
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Free Resources
Free Chapter
Free chapter
Access a free chapter from Building Great Mental Health Professional–Teacher Teams that defines a growth mindset and explores how it impacts student success.
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Free Reproducible
Free reproducible
Use this figure from Building Great Mental Health Professional–Teacher Teams to develop mindset and resilience skills and techniques when working with students.
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The Solution Tree Blog
Why Educators Burn Out By Tina H. Boogren
Get up before dawn, stay up past midnight, grade papers, or do other work on the weekends and during your child's soccer games. Meet with parents outside of school hours—some of whom aren't on your side. Meet with students outside of class…
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Tina H. Boogren
Videos to watch and share
In this previously recorded webinar, Timothy D. Kanold takes you on an inspiring, reflective examination of how to stay fulfilled in your professional life.
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Watch as Tina H. Boogren explains how learning to control your breathing is an essential tool for self-care and classroom management.
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Additional Reading & Listening
Featured Article
Ontario Principals' Challenges and Well-being: Annual Ontario School Survey 2021
Article: Ontario Principals' Challenges and Well-being: Annual Ontario School Survey 2021
Initial findings of People for Education's 2020/21 Annual Ontario School Survey (AOSS) show that principals are dealing with an exceptional set of challenges related to running schools during a pandemic…
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Featured Video
How Practicing Mindfulness Outdoors Boosts Well-Being
Video: How Practicing Mindfulness Outdoors Boosts Well-Being
In this video, experts explain the value of connecting mindfulness activities to nature, especially as schools have taken classes outside for safer in-person learning.
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