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Daniel R. Hoppie

Daniel is a practitioner and district leader who has provided pivotal support in transforming Pasadena ISD in Pasadena, Texas, into the largest Model PLC School District in America. He currently serves as an executive director of curriculum.

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Daniel R. Hoppie

Daniel R. Hoppie is an executive director of curriculum and instruction for Pasadena ISD. As a current practitioner and district leader, Daniel has aided several school leaders on their journey to achieve PLC Model School status and has played a pivotal role in helping Pasadena ISD to become the largest Model PLC School District in North America.

Daniel’s passion for high levels of learning for all students began to take shape while serving as a self-contained, bilingual/ESL teacher. Following his experience as a classroom teacher, he served as a secondary-level instructional coach where he honed his craft of ensuring that staff and students alike were growing and improving. Following his time as an instructional coach, Daniel served for 10 years as a middle level administrator. As the principal of Morris Middle School, a current Model PLC School, he helped establish the school culture and learning traditions that have helped Morris become a shining example for others to follow. In his current role as a district-level executive director, one of his key assignments is to mentor principals to ensure high levels of learning throughout Pasadena ISD.

Daniel has participated in several webinars including the Solution Tree webinar: Unchartered Waters: How a PLC at WorkⓇ Helped us Navigate Uncertainty. He also wrote the article Five Strategies for Combating Learning Loss for EdNews Daily.

Daniel graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish teaching and earned a master’s degree in educational leadership from Walden University.

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