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  1. Teach Brilliantly

    Small Shifts That Lead to Big Gains in Student Learning

    This comprehensive guide for educators offers insight into the most effective teaching methods and research-based practices you can apply to best support student success. Connect the why behind five key topics in education to what you can do to bring them to life in your classroom.



  2. The Successful Substitute

    How to Prepare, Grow, and Flourish as a Guest Teacher

    You’ve accepted the challenge of becoming every teacher’s hero: a substitute teacher. Now what? This quick-read guide offers plenty of preparation and training for whatever comes your way. Gain insights from guest teachers, as well as dos and don’ts that will save you stress and boost your confidence.



  3. The Power of Effective Reading Instruction

    How Neuroscience Informs Instruction Across All Grades and Disciplines

    Karen Gazith holds a strong belief that teachers play a critical role in the success of their students. She emphasizes the need for effective instruction for all and intervention for those in need. This guide offers evidence-based practices for reading instruction that transform student proficiency across all content areas.



  4. Inspiring Lifelong Readers

    Using Inquiry to Engage Learners in Grades 6–12

    Featuring stories from the field and reproducible tools, Inspiring Lifelong Readers emphasizes the importance of reading and creating a community of readers, writers, communicators, and thinkers. This book will help you navigate the demands for students’ attention and enhance student engagement in literacy.



  5. Leading a Culture of Reading

    How to Ignite and Sustain a Love of Literacy in Your School Community

    Explore the practical, culture-building strategies that support literacy for all. This book is a tool for educators working to promote the importance of reading and to develop students’ engagement in reading and literacy work.



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