Sharon V. Kramer

Sharon V. Kramer

As a leader in the field, Sharon V. Kramer, PhD, emphasizes the importance of creating and using quality assessments as a continual part of the learning process. Dr. Kramer served as assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction of Kildeer Countryside School District 96 in Illinois.

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Sharon V. Kramer

Sharon V. Kramer, PhD, knows firsthand the demands and rewards of working in a professional learning community. As a leader in the field, she emphasizes the importance of creating and using quality assessments as a continual part of the learning process. Dr. Kramer served as assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction of Kildeer Countryside School District 96 in Illinois. In this position, she ensured all students were prepared to enter Adlai E. Stevenson High School, a model PLC created by Dr. Richard DuFour. A seasoned educator, Dr. Kramer has taught in elementary and middle school classrooms and served as principal, director of elementary education, and university professor.

In addition to her PLC experience, Dr. Kramer has completed assessment training by Rick Stiggins, Steve Chappuis, Larry Ainsworth, and the Center for Performance Assessment (now the Leadership and Learning Center). She has presented a variety of assessment workshops at institutes and summits and for state departments of education. Dr. Kramer has also worked with school districts across the country to determine their power standards and develop assessments. She has been a Comprehensive School Reform consultant to schools that have received grant funding to implement PLCs as their Whole School Reform model, and her customized PLC coaching academies have empowered school and district leadership teams across the nation.

Dr. Kramer has presented at state and national conferences sponsored by National Staff Development Council, National Association for Gifted Children, American Federation of Teachers, and California State University. She has been instrumental in facilitating professional development initiatives focused on standards-based learning and teaching, improved understanding and utilization of assessment data, interventions and differentiation that meets the needs of all learners, and strengthened efforts to ensure K–12 literacy.

Dr. Kramer earned a doctorate in educational leadership and policy studies from Loyola University Chicago.

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Presentation titles by Sharon V. Kramer

  • The Power of Professional Learning Communities
  • Connecting the Dots: From Essential Outcomes to Formative Assessment, Interventions, and Enrichment
  • Collaboration: The Engine That Drives a PLC
  • Learning is Not a Spectator Sport: So How Do We Involve the Students?
  • Building an Assessment System: Formative, Summative, Common
  • Creating and Communicating Student-Friendly Learning Targets
  • Understanding and Designing Next Generation Assessments Aligned With the Common Core
  • Instructional Strategies for ELA Common Core Standards
  • Differentiating in the Common Core
  • First Best Instruction: Prevention Before Intervention

“Wow! I can't even tell you how much I learned and how much I've enjoyed Sharon's presentation! Clear, focused, entertaining, knowledgeable, credible.”

Ann Mylrea, ESL teacher, Monroe Elementary School, Minnesota

“In 17 years in public education, I can't think of a better facilitator than Sharon Kramer. She just gets it; she understands culture dynamics of people and the true nature of what the right work is when it comes to student learning. She is a professional like none other and we look forward to our times working with her in a collaborative setting. She has received tremendous positive feedback from our staff, and we are looking forward to more days in the future with her. She is helpful, resourceful, and full of great ideas to help move a school and school district forward.”

Andrew J. Krazmien, director of curriculum instruction & technology, Lewiston-Porter Central School District, New York