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Aaron Hansen

Aaron Hansen is a nationally recognized presenter, author and coach who empowers teachers and leaders to transform their schools.

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Aaron Hansen

Aaron Hansen is a nationally recognized presenter, author and coach who empowers teachers and leaders to transform their schools.

As former principal, Aaron led the transformation of White Pine Middle School (WPMS) in Nevada into a nationally recognized, high-achieving school. WPMS was a National Model School (2009–2012) and was the only middle school in the United States to be named a Middle School of Distinction (2010) by the International Center for Leadership in Education. The school was listed on AllthingsPLC.info and was a Title I Distinguished School.

Aaron has been featured in many books, articles, and TV news stories including ABC World News with Charles Gibson, American Morning (CNN), Fox and Friends (Fox Network), and a BBC documentary, all highlighting the changes he led in transforming school culture and rapid improvement. Aaron was named Nevada Innovative Educator of the Year in 2009 and worked for his home state of Nevada as a leadership trainer.

Aaron has worked with thousands of educators across North America and beyond, helping them improve their processes for PLCs, RTI, teacher and leader improvement, student and staff culture, and comprehensive school transformation. Aaron has written and produced videos extensively all about school change.

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Presentations by Aaron Hansen

  • Comprehensive School Transformation: A Long-Term Customized Partnership for Transforming Your School or District
  • Getting Started: Building Your PLC Foundation to Get Results
  • Developing PLCs for Singletons and Small Schools
  • Unleash the Power of Assessment and Data!
  • Leading in a PLC
  • Empowering Students to Own Their Learning in a PLC: Students as Partners in the CCSS
  • The Next Level of PLC: Common Core, Learning Targets, Assessment, Data, and Intervention
  • It Starts and Ends Here: The Principalship
  • Fast and Furious: We Need Real Change and Real Results Now!
  • Getting Serious About All Students: Systems of Intervention That Work
  • Cultural Change: Connecting Teachers’ Hearts and Minds to the Work
  • Co-Teaching the PLC and RTI Way
  • Building Urgency: The 21st Century Is Demanding Schools Change
  • Commitment, Persistence, and Reinspiration
  • The Silent Stakeholders: Using Student Voice to Combat Bullying and Transform Student Culture

“I especially appreciated the positive attitude. Fabulous information presented crisply yet with flexibility to differentiate instruction.“

Lynnett Brewer, teacher, Blanding Elementary, Utah

“Aaron's authentic approach and real-life experience is refreshing. He doesn't come in as a know-it-all but as someone who is willing to share what he has learned on the journey.“

Nadine Sadler, teacher, Bluff Elementary, Utah