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  1. Wellness Institute: Achieving Healthy School Communities

    Richmond (Vancouver), British Columbia |  April 19–20, 2021

    Join us for a two-day event focused on supporting and sustaining wellness schoolwide. Sessions will focus on the well-being of school staff, students, and the greater school community. Participants are encouraged to attend in school or district teams to collectively learn the mindsets, concrete strategies, and practical tools that transform classrooms and schools.

    CAD $569.00

    Seats available

  2. Response to Intervention at Work™ Workshop

    Idaho Falls, Idaho |  March 31–April 1, 2021

    Presenters: Paula Maeker

    Discover how to build and sustain a schoolwide or districtwide RTI program that is efficient, effective, and equitable.

    USD $689.00

    Seats available

  3. Starting a Movement: Building Culture From the Inside Out in Your PLC Workshop

    Kansas City, Missouri |  April 6–7, 2021

    Presenters: Kenneth C. Williams

    The most common challenge for schools is how to transition from a culture of compliance to a culture of commitment. How to move from “doing” to “becoming”; from “my kids” to “our kids.”

    USD $689.00

    Seats available

  4. Teaching and Assessing the Essentials for College and Career Readiness Workshop

    Kansas City, Missouri |  April 8–9, 2021

    Presenters: Cassandra Erkens

    Over the course of two days, our experts outline how to make the shift to next generation learning and assessment. Participants will discover how to create personalized learning experiences, support student skill development, and effectively measure student mastery of critical competencies.

    USD $689.00

    Seats available

  5. RTI at Work™ Institute

    Orlando, Florida |  April 20–22, 2021

    Get unprecedented access to nationally recognized experts and discover how to build a powerful multitiered system of support that meets individual student needs.
    USD $709.00

    Seats available