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  1. Cultivating Educator Wellness for Elevated Student Achievement and Teacher Retention

    Centennial, Colorado |  October 3–4, 2024

    Presenters: Tina H. Boogren

    This 2-Day Workshop is an immersive experience designed to equip educators with the tools, strategies, and routines they need to prioritize their well-being, ultimately leading to improved student outcomes and increased job satisfaction.


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  2. RTI at Work™ Institute

    Bethesda, Maryland |  October 7–9, 2024

    Get unprecedented access to nationally recognized experts and discover how to build a powerful multitiered system of support that meets individual student needs.

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  3. School Improvement for All Workshop

    Syracuse, New York |  October 7–8, 2024

    Presenters: Sharon V. Kramer

    During this two-day workshop, Sharon Kramer shares a clear path to continuous improvement. Teachers and administrators will discover how to work together as a team of leaders to create systematic processes and implement best practices that ensure the learning of every student.


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  4. Designing Engaging Assessments in Five Essential Phases Workshop

    Seattle, Washington |  October 7–8, 2024

    Presenters: Nicole Dimich

    Deepen your understanding of formative and summative assessments, and learn how to design assessments that guide instruction, involve students, and communicate learning.


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  5. You Can Learn: Building Student Motivation, Ownership, and Efficacy Through the PLC Process Workshop

    Syracuse, New York |  October 9–10, 2024

    Schools that truly want to “create lifelong learners” must understand the influence that their actions in the classroom have on realizing this mission. Creating lifelong learners depends on more than good intentions; it depends on intentional actions designed to encourage students to realize that they have the capacity to move their own learning forward regardless of life circumstances or experiences. While this truth is likely something that most teachers already believe, integrating practices that build student self-efficacy into daily instruction remains elusive in most classrooms. Creating lifelong learners happens only when teachers move from knowing about the importance of student self-efficacy to doing something about it.


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  6. Multiplication Fluency: Building Reasoning Skills through the Fact Tactics Fluency Program Virtual Workshop

    Virtual Event |  October 10 & October 17, 2024

    Presenters: Juli K. Dixon

    How can students achieve an understanding of multiplication that allows them to go beyond simple recall to explain their thinking? Author and mathematics education professor Juli Dixon introduces a program that teachers can seamlessly integrate into existing mathematics instruction. Learn six tactics to help you shift from an anxiety-producing, rote-memorization approach to one that helps students make sense of multiplication and prepare for algebra. This virtual workshop offered in two half-day sessions will help classroom teachers, resource teachers, interventionists, coaches, administrators, tutors, and parents of students in grades 3–6.


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  7. Singletons in a PLC: Navigating On-Ramps to Meaningful Collaboration

    Charleston, South Carolina |  October 14–15, 2024

    It has been said that isolation is the enemy of improvement, and yet singleton teachers are too often left alone. Singleton teachers are the only ones at a school who teach a specific course or subject—like a music or art teacher or the only physics teacher—and these teachers often ask how they can effectively participate on a collaborative team at a PLC school (e.g., teachers who teach the same course or subject). Additionally, leaders frequently ask what they should be doing to guide and support these outstanding educators.


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  8. Teams: The Engine That Drives a Professional Learning Community at Work® Workshop

    San Antonio, Texas |  October 14–15, 2024

    Presenters: Jeff Byrnes

    This two-day workshop will highlight what leaders and teams do to improve their professional practice in an effort to help more students learn at higher levels.


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  9. Behavior Solutions: A Practical Road Map for Behavior Success in All Tiers Workshop

    Spokane, Washington |  October 15–16, 2024

    Fostering positive behavior by utilizing the PLC at Work® and RTI at Work™ processes will boost your school’s positive school culture, increase attendance, improve behavior, prepare students for life, and address inequities in school discipline. This workshop is designed to create a practical road map for meeting the needs of the whole child.


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  10. Amplify Your Impact: Coaching Collaborative Teams in PLCs at Work® Workshop

    Charleston, South Carolina |  October 16–17, 2024

    Presenters: Michael J. Maffoni

    Learn how to provide the clarity, feedback, and support necessary for teams to grow in the right work and leave with a plan for implementing best coaching practices in your school or district.


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