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Collaborative Common Assessments

Reignite the passion and energy assessment practices bring as tools to guide teaching and learning. Strengthen instructional agility in professional learning communities with collaborative common assessments that collect vital information and consider all levels of the organization. Explore the practical steps teacher teams must take to establish clear, comprehensive assessment systems, and discover how to continually improve results.


  • Read case studies of schools that have effectively implemented collaborative common assessment systems.
  • Learn the phases in the collaborative common assessment process and the benefits of engaging in this process.
  • Evaluate criteria vital to prioritizing standards.
  • Consider crucial questions to guide data conversations.
  • Access tools for prioritizing standards and designing assessments.

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Collaborative Common Assessments

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Introduction: Doing Assessment Right . . . All the Time
Chapter 1: Doing Extraordinary Things
Chapter 2: Embedding Collaborative Common Assessments in a Balanced Assessment System
Chapter 3: Working Together for a Common Purpose
Chapter 4: Preparing the Foundation for Collaborative Common Assessments
Chapter 5: Designing Collaborative Common Assessments
Chapter 6: Delivering New Approaches to Assessment
Chapter 7: Examining Data to Improve Learning
Chapter 8: Responding With Instructional Agility