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The New Art and Science of Teaching Art and Music

Discover art- and music-specific instructional strategies built on the foundation of The New Art and Science of Teaching framework. Teach technical skills alongside artistic development to support students’ portfolios, repertoires, and creative expression.


  • Explore a model for strengthening instructional strategies for art and music.
  • Understand which elements of instruction are best suited to teaching art and music, and utilize the specific suggestions and techniques for implementing these elements.
  • Receive time-tested strategies and ideas to improve teaching and learning in art and music classrooms.
  • Examine teaching methods for increasing student engagement in art and music programs.
  • Confront the unique challenges found in art and music education, and feel inspired to collaborate with other teachers to continuously improve fine arts or creative arts programs.

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The New Art and Science of Teaching Art and Music

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Chapter 1: Providing and Communicating Clear Learning Goals
Chapter 2: Using Assessments
Chapter 3: Conducting Direct Instruction Lessons
Chapter 4: Conducting Practicing and Deepening Lessons
Chapter 5: Conducting Knowledge Application Lessons
Chapter 6: Using Strategies That Appear in All Types of Lessons
Chapter 7: Using Engagement Strategies
Chapter 8: Implementing Rules and Procedures
Chapter 9: Building Relationships
Chapter 10: Communicating High Expectations
Chapter 11: Developing Expertise
Appendix A: The New Art and Science of Teaching Framework Overview
Appendix B: Recommended Resources
Appendix C: List of Figures and Tables




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