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Ready to Learn

Rely on Ready to Learn’s five-step FRAME model to help you create motivating and engaging learning experiences for any grade level or content area. This resource by Peg Grafwallner motivates students to learn through effective feedback and guided practice.


  • Explore how the FRAME model supports teachers in planning and delivering a meaningful learning experience to every student.
  • Discover strategies for engaging students within the first ten minutes of class and carrying this motivation throughout the lesson.
  • Understand how encouraging peer observations and feedback among teachers will improve instructional practice.
  • Study the FRAME model in real-world situations and utilize reflection questions to reinforce learning.
  • Examine sample lesson plans and receive a template for planning lessons using the FRAME model.

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Ready to Learn

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Chapter 1: How to Create Learning Intentions and Success Criteria

Chapter 2: How to FRAME the First Ten Minutes of Class

Chapter 3: How to Embed FRAME Within a Lesson

Chapter 4: How to Use FRAME for Peer Observation and Feedback Among Teachers

Appendix: FRAME Lesson and Feedback Tools




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