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Read Alouds for All Learners

A Comprehensive Plan for Every Subject, Every Day, Grades PreK–8

Learn the step-by-step instructional plan for teachers to implement read alouds in preK–8 classrooms. Whether you’re a longtime professional or new to teaching, this resource helps you support young learners emotionally, intellectually, linguistically, and developmentally.


  • Understand the role of read alouds in the science of reading.
  • Develop understanding of the three-step planning process for a read aloud.
  • See current read-aloud research and trends among elementary, middle, and high school teachers.
  • Gain tips targeted for each age group’s social-emotional learning and cognition.
  • Capture the importance of read alouds in all content areas.
  • Create a read-aloud plan for social studies, the sciences, mathematics, physical education, the arts, and electives with hands-on tools.

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Read Alouds for All Learners

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Plan the Read Aloud
Chapter 2: Apply the Read Aloud Plan to Diverse Texts
Chapter 3: Use Age-Appropriate Read Aloud Strategies
Chapter 4: Customize Read Alouds for Various Content Areas
Appendix A: Planning Templates
Appendix B: Resources for Content-Area Read Alouds
Appendix C: Resources for Choosing Read Aloud Titles
Appendix D: Lists of Children’s Book Awards
Appendix E: Further Reading
Appendix F: Children’s Books Cited



Chapter 1

Chapter 4

Appendix A

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