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Breaking With Tradition

Discover how to shift to a competency-based education system that replaces traditional, ineffective practices with a new model that fosters personalized, student-centered learning.


  • Learn how to drive increased academic achievement for all students.
  • Consider anecdotes from the authors’ experiences working with schools that illustrate best practices in action.
  • Contemplate your school’s reality, and determine what actions you can take to improve student achievement.
  • Plan for structural changes that will produce the school culture your school seeks.
  • Use helpful protocols, rubrics, and action and assessment plans found throughout the book.

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Breaking With Tradition

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Chapter 1: Understanding the Components of an Effective Competency-Based Learning System
Chapter 2: Building the Foundation of a Competency-Based Learning System Through PLCs
Chapter 3: Developing Competencies and Progressions to Guide Learning
Chapter 4: Changing to Competency-Friendly Grading Practices
Chapter 5: Creating and Implementing Competency-Friendly Performance Assessments
Chapter 6: Responding When Students Need Intervention and Extension
Chapter 7: Sustaining the Change Process
Chapter 8: Using a School-Design Rubric to Assess Where Your School Is in Its Competency Journey
Final Thoughts: Top-Five List for Successful Transition to Competency-Based Learning


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