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Responding to the Every Student Succeeds Act With the PLC at Work™ Process

By: Richard DuFour, Douglas Reeves, Rebecca DuFour

The authors of this book showcase how to make the most of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) by fully committing to the PLC at Work™ process. Learn how professional learning communities (PLCs) can be integrated with the ESSA education bill to improve student learning.

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Use professional learning communities to address ESSA education policies

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) presents US educators and local and state legislators with a rare opportunity: to reconceive schooling and education funding to better address students’ needs. Richard DuFour, Douglas Reeves, and Rebecca DuFour showcase how to make the most of this opportunity by fully committing to the Professional Learning Communities at Work™ process, which holds the greatest potential for maximizing student achievement.

  • Explains the roles federal and state governments play in K-12 education funding with the adoption of ESSA and how it relates to past educational reforms such as ESEA and No Child Left Behind.
  • Emphasizes the importance of using the PLC at Work™ process to respond to ESSA.
  • Provides the strategies and mindsets teachers, district leaders, and states should implement to enhance student learning.
  • Presents the right work PLC schools at any level should engage in to support student and adult learning.
  • Highlights indicators of school-level accountability and system accountability, as well as an accountability framework states should use to promote school improvement and success.
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Product Code: BKF784

ISBN: 9781945349072

Published By: Solution Tree

“In Responding to the Every Student Succeeds Act With the PLC at Work™ Process, the authors provide a model of how educators can and should respond to US national and state-level initiatives—in this case, the ESSA. Instead of viewing this initiative as a mandate to be fought, they can embrace it as an opportunity to improve best practices. The authors demonstrate that the PLC at Work process not only brings this initiative to life and makes it succeed but also ensures that it has no unintended harmful consequences.”

Robert J. Marzano, chief academic officer, Marzano Research

“As the dust settles after nearly twenty years of conflict between public policy and education research, this must-read resource offers hope for American children. The authors emphasize that the ESSA provides an opportunity for practitioners and policymakers to collaborate in a way that truly benefits all students, and offer a concrete plan of action for those who make critical decisions about the future of our schools.”

Anthony Muhammad, author and educational consultant.

“DuFour, Reeves, and DuFour make an urgent and compelling call for educators to act as they enter yet another new era of federal policy. They describe lessons educators can learn from past federal legislation that failed to meet its intended goals and demonstrate the great potential of ESSA to empower instead of punish. They posit that educators are best positioned to create the state, district, and school conditions to ensure innovation that leads to high levels of learning for all students. This book makes the complex simple and the research practical and undeniable. An essential read for educators at every level, it provides invaluable insights with a well-defined road map to success.”

Nicole Dimich Vagle, educator, author, and consultant

“Renowned education leaders Richard DuFour, Douglas Reeves, and Rebecca DuFour present an overwhelming case for taking advantage of the opportunities ESSA provides to propel US public education forward and upward like never before. How? Their answer should come as no surprise—developing the capacity of school staff to function as members of high-performing teams in schools that are true professional learning communities (PLCs). But it’s more than that. The authors redefine educational accountability as learning systems that use real-time data to inform professional practice and policymaking to ensure student learning at the highest levels.”

Kenneth Young, chief division support officer, the AVID Center
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