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The Power of SMART Goals

Using Goals to Improve Student Learning

Help staff focus on results, and implement SMART (Strategic and specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results oriented, and Time bound) goals to transform your school into a place where every student meets or exceeds standards. The authors present four success stories from real SMART schools and several frameworks for adult and student goal setting that lead to real results.


Chapter 1: Introduction: The SMART Goals Process
Chapter 2: Keeping Goals Alive
Chapter 3: Linking Assessment and Goals
Chapter 4: SMART Goal-Driven Curriculum and Instruction
Chapter 5: Using SMART Goals to Drive Professional Development
Chapter 6: Building Capacity for Goal-Oriented Thinking
Chapter 7: Case Studies
Chapter 8: Renewing Our Schools, Our Practices, Ourselves

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The Power of SMART Goals

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