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  1. Linda Beggs

    Linda Beggs has more than 30 years of organizational development experience, specializing in culture, change, and team effectiveness. She collaborates with schools to create a high-trust culture essential to implementing wraparound resource centers.

  2. Steve Van Bockern

    Steve Van Bockern is a professor of education at Augustana University in South Dakota. Formerly a teacher and principal, his research interests include resiliency, alternative education, restorative justice, bullying, discipline, and creating well-being.

  3. Larry Brendtro

    Larry Brendtro, PhD, is director of The Resilience Academy and professor emeritus at Augustana University. He has rich, practical experience as a teacher, principal, and psychologist—including 14 years as president of Starr Commonwealth.

  4. Leigh Colburn

    Leigh Colburn is a career educator and community leader with ten years of service as the principal of Marietta High School in Georgia. She specializes in promoting school equity through wraparound service opportunities.

  5. Emily L. Gibson

    Emily L. Gibson, EdD, is a teacher-consultant with the Redwood Writing Project, providing professional development in writing and literacy instruction for K–college teachers in Humboldt County.

  6. Crystal Kuykendall

    Crystal Kuykendall, PhD, JD, is the founder and president of Kreative and Innovative Resources for Kids (K.I.R.K), Inc., which provides crucial services to those who guide youth at risk toward a positive future.

  7. Don Parker

    Don Parker, EdD, is the principal of Posen Intermediate School in Illinois. An educator since 1997, Dr. Parker has also served as a teacher, dean of students, assistant principal, and adjunct professor.

  8. Dale Ripley

    Dr. Ripley is currently teaching in the departments of elementary and secondary education at the University of Alberta and has over 35 years of experience at the elementary, junior high/middle school, high school, college, and university levels.

  9. William S. Roulston

    William S. Roulston is a consultant, researcher, and author. He works with schools and nonprofits to set up effective intervention programs for struggling adolescent readers, and researches best instructional and institutional practices for them.

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