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Paul C. Farmer

Paul C. Farmer is an experienced practitioner who started in education as a career and technical education (CTE) teacher. He has experience in multiple locations of a school system, including classroom, school building, and central office levels.

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Paul C. Farmer

Paul C. Farmer is an experienced practitioner who started in education as a career and technical education (CTE) teacher. He has experience in multiple locations of a school system, including classroom, school building, and central office levels. As principal of Joyce Kilmer Middle School, Paul was one of the first principals in Fairfax County, Virginia, to build a PLC that yielded sustained growth in academics. He now consults with educators at every level, from classroom teachers to systemwide leaders, helping them develop and sustain PLCs. His presentations include hands-on activities and practical applications that demonstrate how to build a collaborative culture and a learning-centered environment. Paul inspires participants by highlighting success stories and lessons learned on his own PLC journeys.

Although Paul began his educational career in the classroom, he was soon promoted to a team leader, guiding efforts to support underachieving students. That position led him to become a department chair, central office teacher specialist, curriculum writer, and staff developer. He later accepted a position as assistant principal of a 3,000-student high school in Maryland’s Montgomery County Public School System and later moved to Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). While working in FCPS, the deputy superintendent selected Paul to be the project director of instructional technology integration. In that capacity, Paul worked with all grade levels and directed a district wide project to build an online curriculum repository with links to assessment questions and assessments designed to improve student performance on Virginia’s high-stakes tests.

Paul is coauthor of Collaboration for Career & Technical Education: Teamwork Beyond the Core Content Areas in a PLC, one of the first books focused on combining CTE and PLC. His book provides details on how to find commonality among singleton teachers in CTE and how to function as a collaborative team focused on the aspects of a PLC. He has also coauthored How to Help Your School Thrive Without Breaking the Bank and Dealing With the Tough Stuff: Practical Solutions for School Administrators.

Paul earned a master's degree in education leadership from George Mason University.

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Presentations by Paul C. Farmer

  • PLC Overview and Orientation
  • A Look at How Professional Learning Communities Can Foster Strong Career and Technical Education Programs
  • A Closer Look at Collaboration, Essential Skills, Assessments, and Interventions
  • Building Successful Response to Intervention RTI Systems
  • Role of the Administrators in a PLC
  • Role of the Leadership Teams in a PLC
  • Creating an Effective Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 RTI
  • The Power of Data in a PLC
  • Secondary Master Scheduling for Collaboration
  • Processes

“Paul was fabulous! He not only put together an easy and applicable way for us to understand and practice writing SMART goals but also helped me set standards to make us a schoolwide team! I'm so pleased, as is my staff. What a great way to set the tone and kick off a new year together. Thank you!”

Dawn Hagness, principal, West Wendover Elementary School, Nevada

“Paul Farmer ignites the belief that schools can change from within. He backs up his expertise with the tools for each school to begin that first step. Loved hearing you from the first 45 seconds.”

Paula Wykle, instructional coach, Raleigh County Schools, West Virginia

“I saw you in Washington DC and just fell in love with the idea of PLC. I was excited to come back to my district and get started. I was thrilled that you came to our district to share this idea and new thought with everyone. I can only hope everyone becomes a change agent and focuses on learning this way.”

Mary A. Cartwright, teacher, Newlonsburg Elementary School, Pennsylvania

“Paul was an extremely personable and engaging presenter. He easily engages the audience with his charm and extensive knowledge.”

Cynthia Higgins, school counselor, Aldine Independent School District, Texas

“ I absolutely loved how interactive you made this meeting, given it was through Zoom. The polls, thumbs up, chats, short quizzes, and breakout rooms were all well done! It kept us engaged, and you showed your expectations of our involvement through that.”

Kendra Gelrud, math specialist, The Classical Academies, California