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Freedom to Learn

By: Will Richardson

Investigate why the traditional education system isnt working, and explore how to give students control over the learning process.

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Freedom to Learn

Give students control over the learning process. The 21st century has seen vast advances in technology—which can connect students and teachers to more information, knowledge, and experts than ever before. Investigate why the traditional education system isnt working, uncover why the meanings of education and success should be redefined, and understand the teachers role in a free learning environment.

Also available as an audiobook.

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  • Study the disconnect between how students learn outside of school and how learning is set up in schools.
  • Explore whats most important for students to know given their access to information and knowledge.
  • Read the case study of a school that is completely redrafting public education practices.
  • Examine the teachers role in a school culture where freedom to learn carries greater importance.
  • Evaluate three of the toughest barriers to having more freedom to learn in the classroom.

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Product Code: BKF688

ISBN: 9781942496250

Page Count: 80

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