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The Successful Substitute

How to Prepare, Grow, and Flourish as a Guest Teacher

By: Kim Bailey, Kristen Nelson

You’ve accepted the challenge of becoming every teacher’s hero: a substitute teacher. Now what? This quick-read guide offers plenty of preparation and training for whatever comes your way. Gain insights from guest teachers, as well as dos and don’ts that will save you stress and boost your confidence.

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Practical tips, teaching strategies, and classroom activities for successful substitute teaching

Tackle your role as substitute teacher with confidence and ease. This essential resource offers field-tested guidance on how to maintain effective classroom and behavior management while making connections with students and advancing classroom content. Packed with strategies, actionable steps, and insights from a variety of guest teachers, this book will prepare you for a day that is both enjoyable and productive.

This book will help you:

  • Walk through the process of becoming a substitute teacher step by step—from submitting the initial paperwork to completing a full school day
  • Glean insights from current and former substitutes, with clearly defined dos and don’ts of the role
  • Learn how to make positive impressions with school staff and establish connections with students
  • Strategize on how to correct misbehavior and redirect attention in rowdy classrooms
  • Understand classroom structures you may encounter and receive tips and activities tailored to each one

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Product Code: BKG145

ISBN: 9781958590614

Published By: Solution Tree

“This is a must-have book that should be in the hands of every substitute teacher. It provides amazing tools and tips to support substitute teachers that will create confidence, increase efficacy, and ultimately foster an increased return rate for future jobs.”

Christie Shealy, Director of Testing and Accountability, Anderson School District One, Williamston, South Carolina

“A fantastic book! When I first started as a substitute teacher, this would have been a wonderful resource. Some days I felt I was thrown to the wolves. This book provides suggestions and prepares the reader for challenges they don’t even know they will encounter.”

Erin Kruckenberg, Fifth-Grade Teacher, Jefferson Elementary, Harvard, Illinois
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