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Teacher Efficacy

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  1. Todd Whitaker

    Todd Whitaker, PhD, is a professor at Indiana State University. Recognized as a leading presenter in the fields of education and leadership, his message has resonated with over a million professionals around the world.


  2. Elevate School-Based Professional Learning

    Empower teachers to design, implement, and evaluate their own school-based professional learning to improve collective teacher efficacy and impact student achievement. This book offers tools and strategies for creating effective school professional development that most directly ties to daily application of skills.



  3. Gail Markin

    Gail Markin is a counselor and teacher who has worked to support health and well-being across British Columbia. She began her career as a social worker, family counselor, and parent educator.


  4. Ann Delehant

    Ann Delehant is an experienced facilitator, learning leader, and agent of systemwide change. Her work focuses on developing, supporting, and coaching leaders at all levels, building collaborative cultures, and facilitating systems change.


  5. Joellen Killion

    Joellen Killion serves as the senior advisor for Learning Forward. With more than 40 years’ experience, she leads, facilitates, and contributes to initiatives related to examining the link between professional learning and student learning.


  6. The Virtual Professional Wellness and Self-Care for Educators Portable Event Package

    November 16 & Saturday, December 31, 2020

    The Virtual Professional Wellness and Self-Care for Educators Portable Event Package is thoughtfully designed to support a healthy, balanced, and meaningful professional life for all school employees—from teachers, administrators, and support staff to social workers, nurses, and counselors.


  7. Meeting Goals

    Protocols for Leading Effective, Purpose-Driven Discussions in Schools

    Learn how you can lead highly productive, structured discussions in your school or district with Meeting Goals.


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  8. The Seven Principles of Evidence-Based Teaching Webinar

    February 19, 2021

    In this webinar, Dr. Karen Gazith will review seven evidence-based principles leading to success for all students in the diverse classroom. Dr. Gazith will provide listeners with hands-on strategies, such as conceptualizing the classroom as an ecosystem, incorporating strategic teaching and learning, and developing grit and perseverance in yourself and your students. Educators will walk away from this session with practical strategies that can be applied in the classroom the next day.

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  9. Coaching for Educator Wellness

    A Guide to Supporting New and Experienced Teachers

    Acquire evergreen instructional coaching strategies alongside fresh new solutions for guiding new and veteran teachers, addressing teacher self-care, promoting teacher well-being, and more. Learn how to provide a solid foundation of physical, emotional, instructional, and institutional support for educators.



  10. Schoolwide Best Practices for Blended Environments Portable Event Package

    March 23 & Saturday, December 31, 2021

    In this Portable Event Package, education experts take a deep dive into some of the most complex issues to emerge in 21st century education. Both teachers and leaders are guided through how to best address assessment, intervention, equity, student engagement, health & wellness and many other key concepts.