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Nurturing Math Curiosity With Learners in Grades K–2

Edited by: Cathy Seeley, Jennifer Bay-Williams

By: Chepina Rumsey, Jody Guarino

Gain the educational tools needed for planning, communicating, and representing mathematical ideas to students. This book gives teachers instructional strategies to enhance their students’ natural wonder and curiosity toward math concepts.

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Format: Paperback

Grow your students’ math curiosity.

Building students’ confidence and conceptual understanding early sets a solid foundation for reasoning and exploration. Nurturing Math Curiosity With Learners in Grades K–2 offers educational tools and strategies teachers can use to integrate mathematical argumentation in early elementary classrooms, allowing space for students’ natural wonder and curiosity to shine while, at the same time, providing opportunities for students to see mathematics content in a new light.

This book will help K–2 teachers:

  • Discover ways to explore early mathematical concepts
  • Integrate classroom community building, teacher tools, and instructional strategies to nurture an environment of playful exploration
  • Read real examples from teachers who have implemented argumentation in their classrooms
  • Follow the layers of argumentation through an in-depth concrete example
  • Reflect as mathematics learners with features that activate prior knowledge

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Product Code: BKG180

ISBN: 9781960574367

Published By: Solution Tree

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