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Ambitious Instruction

Teaching With Rigor in the Secondary Classroom

By: Brad Cawn

In Ambitious Instruction, author Brad Cawn offers a blueprint for how to make rigor visible, accessible, and actionable in grade 6–12 classrooms. Educators can improve students’ cognitive function and ensure college and career readiness through problem-based learning examples and rich content.

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A resource guide for increasing rigor in the classroom and complex problem-solving

Ensure all learners have opportunities to engage deeply in meaningful intellectual work. In Ambitious Instruction, author Brad Cawn offers a blueprint for how to make rigor visible, accessible, and actionable in grade 6–12 classrooms. The resource guides readers toward using the twin tenets of problem-based learning and synthesis to significantly strengthen students’ ability to read, write, and think within and across disciplines.

  • Develop a working understanding of rigor that will serve as the basis for rigorous, instructional excellence.
  • Discover how to integrate inquiry and dialogue into your instruction to help learners engage in meaningful exploration of complex problems.
  • Become familiar with actionable strategies that can be utilized to develop and increase rigor in the classroom.
  • Learn how to create and organize tasks, texts, and processes in order to improve teaching and learning.

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Product Code: BKF842

ISBN: 9781947604254

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 200

“In an era when teaching is often reduced to preparation for a standardized test with the focus on instructional delivery, Brad Cawn provides a compelling alternative. Starting with a crystal-clear definition of rigor, he guides the reader through a process that focuses on challenging problems, deep engagement, and meaningful performance assessments. Ambitious instruction is difficult and risky. The rewards, however, are enormous: engaged learners and deeply satisfying teaching.”

Douglas Reeves, founder, Creative Leadership Solutions

Ambitious Instruction is a logical, well-thought-out look at structures and ideas to promote rigor in the classroom. It provides meaningful examples and thought-provoking ideas that will challenge educators to consider practices that will support student growth and inspire rigorous consideration and reflection of content.”

Eileen Depka, PhD, educator and author

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