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The Global Education Guidebook

Humanizing K–12 Classrooms Worldwide Through Equitable Partnerships

By: Jennifer D. Klein

This practical guide shares the steps and strategies needed to set up equitable global partnerships that benefit all learners.

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The Global Education Guidebook

Educators worldwide are striving to connect their students to classrooms and experts in ways that humanize the world, while preparing them to thrive in the 21st century. This practical guide takes readers through the steps and strategies needed to set up equitable global partnerships that benefit all learners, founded in the tenets of global citizenship and global competency.

  • Explore examples of elementary, middle, and high school partnerships that target global and 21st century competencies students need for life in a complex world.
  • Gain wisdom from global education leaders and practitioners who have firsthand experience building successful and transformative global partnerships for students.
  • Consider communication platforms, organizations, and strategies for finding and fostering long-term global partnerships.
  • Understand the equity pitfalls of global partnerships and explore strategies for building equitable relationships with other communities in the world.
  • Learn about assessing global competency and partnership programs, as well as ways to expand global learning opportunities across your community.

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Product Code: BKF763

ISBN: 9781943874637

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 232

“Jennifer Klein’s is a voice urging empathy and authenticity in global education. In The Global Education Guidebook, she offers vision and tools for making ideals around global connection-making a reality—and possible for any school at any level of global engagement. What a great addition to the literature fostering global education!”

Homa Sabet Tavangar, global education advisor and author

The Global Education Guidebook by Jennifer Klein is the resource educators of all levels, including administrator, have been waiting for. Klein reminds us that global education ‘does not happen instead of curriculum goals, but helps our learners understand that what they are learning has broad implications’ beyond their classroom and ZIP code. This applies to every student, from kindergarten to college, as well as to teachers themselves. The book’s balanced approach between the theory behind global education and practical applications makes it an excellent guide for the teacher who is just starting to upgrade and amplify curriculum; it also works for the more experienced educator, who will receive powerful yet practical recommendations and perspectives to teach, foster, and assess global competencies.”

Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano, global education advisor and author

“It’s hard to imagine a more important goal than preparing students to create a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world. Yet educators often struggle when it comes to moving ideas from the mission statement into the classroom. Making global education a priority demands that teachers develop new understandings, connections, and courage to engage their students with the wider world. With The Global Education Guidebook, Jennifer Klein provides useful tools, practical strategies, and plentiful examples to make global education more accessible for all. Having walked this path herself as learner, teacher, and coach, she knows the terrain, including which pitfalls to avoid. Her powerful stories remind us why the journey is not only worthwhile but urgent for today’s students and teachers to embark on together.”

Suzie Boss, author

“While I found each step (chapter) of the The Global Education Guidebook to be packed with useful information, I read (and reread) chapters 7 and 8, and I encourage all educators to do the same. In these chapters, Klein reinforces the critical point that global partnerships must be developed through the lens of equity, and she provides terrific guidance on how to ensure that happens.”

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