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NOW Classrooms, Grades K–2

Lessons for Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Technology

By: Meg Ormiston, Beth Hatlen, Kristy Hopkins, Kirstin McGinnis, Lissa Blake, Nicole Ring

Developed specifically for grades K–2, this resource presents classroom-tested lessons that help take instruction and learning to the next level through the use of technology.

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NOW Classrooms, Grades K–2

Developed specifically for grades K–2, this resource presents classroom-ready lessons that support the ISTE Standards for Students. Use the lessons, which focus on four essential skills—communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity—to take instruction and learning to the next level through the use of technology. Each chapter includes strategies for developing authentic learning experiences and ends with discussion questions for personal reflection.

  • Understand that real transformational change results from teaching and learning, not ever-changing digital devices.
  • Give students opportunities to exercise their voice, choice, and creativity using multimedia and digital tools.
  • Implement practical novice-, operational-, and wow-level lessons and tips for using digital tools in classroom lessons.
  • Help students keep themselves and their data safe online and make ethical decisions on the Internet.

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Product Code: BKF797

ISBN: 9781945349386

Published By: Solution Tree

NOW Classrooms, Grades K–2 is an eminently accessible, real-world toolkit for teachers who want to successfully integrate technology into their classrooms. It’s a practical resource for new and veteran teachers alike.”

Matthew Lee, PhD, coordinator of technology integration, Westside Community Schools, Nebraska

NOW Classrooms, Grades K–2’s multi-leveled approach supports all educators, no matter their comfort level with technology. Through the lens of the ISTE Standards for Students, it provides educators with an indispensable guide for teaching and learning with technology. It is also supportive of developmentally appropriate practice and delivers strategies for using technology to build on the ways young children learn.”

Anna Baralt, director of educational technology, Shorecrest Preparatory School, Florida

“I love this book. Most instructional technology books ignore K–2, and it is refreshing to find one that targets that age group. The authors incorporate the ISTE Standards for Students and show teachers detailed ideas of how they can meet that goal. I often have grades K–2 teachers tell me that their students just can't use technology, and my answer is always, ‘Yes they can!’ This book reinforces that it can be done. Kudos!”

Patti DePriest, instructional development specialist, Kentucky Academy of Technology Education, Murray State University, Kentucky
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