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Teachers as Architects of Learning, 2nd Edition

Twelve Constructs to Design and Configure Successful Learning Experiences

By: Gavin Grift, Clare Major

Foreword by: Janelle Wills

Craft a personal blueprint for teaching that ensures student learning stands as the foundation of your classroom. This resource offers research-based instructional design and teaching strategies that bolster K–12 student success throughout the learning process.

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An instructional design guide for student-centered teaching practices in 21st century classrooms

Craft a personal blueprint for teaching that ensures student learning stands as the foundation of your classroom. Drawing on research from the field, reflections from teachers, and the authors’ professional experience, Teachers as Architects of Learning guides educators in building their wisdom around the art of teaching. Find new and better ways to plan, implement, discuss, question, model, and more.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the learning process through an extensive overview of key learning theories and their practical applications.
  • Discover how a focus on learning rather than teaching benefits students.
  • Explore twelve learning constructs, and learn ways of incorporating them into a learning-centered classroom.
  • Reflect on teaching strategies, and develop more mindful approaches to class modeling, in both individual and collaborative group contexts.
  • Examine the importance of students’ investment in their own learning process, and create an environment in which students find more motivation, agency, and mindfulness in their learning.

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Additional Information

Product Code: BKB010

ISBN: 9781951075392

Published By: Solution Tree

“In Teachers as Architects of Learning, Grift and Major shift our thinking from teaching to learning. Their three fundamental goals—(1) activate successful student learning, (2) grow in consciousness about how intentional teaching impacts learning, and (3) learn through reflection—provide the structure of this brilliant resource. In it, you will find well-researched and practical suggestions, classroom scenarios, and examples for making you, your classroom, and your school remembered for impactful learning.”

Tammy Heflebower, educational consultant and author

“This intensely practical book lays out twelve core education practices. You’ll be motivated to master them by the clear rationale the authors give for each one. Better yet, the authors provide excellent guidelines for learning to use these constructs, information that allows you to reflect on your progress, and exemplars of what they look like in practice. Start with one, and you’ll return to these pages for more.”

Jane A. G. Kise, educational consultant and author
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