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  1. (Re)designing Narrative Writing Units for Grades 5–12

    This user-friendly resource provides practical recommendations and strategies for designing units of study that center on students writing narrative fiction and nonfiction.



  2. Brad Cawn

    Brad Cawn is a teacher educator, author, researcher, and trainer who specializes in helping schools and teachers integrate ambitious teaching and learning—inquiry-based instruction, disciplinary literacy, project-based learning, etc.—across the content areas.


  3. Dawn Caruso

    Dawn Caruso, EdD, is a former district administrator of assessment and accountability in Florida. She also served as a virtual school administrator as well as a literacy coach at the state and school level.


  4. Jaretha Jordan

    Jaretha Jordan, EdD, is the chief academic officer for Duncanville Independent School District in Texas. With more than 20 years in education, she has served as a curriculum director, principal supervisor, professional development facilitator, administrator, and teacher.


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