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Think Big, Start Small

How to Differentiate Instruction in a Brain-Friendly Classroom

By: Gayle Gregory, Martha Kaufeldt

This easy-to-understand guide pares down the vast field of neuroscience and provides simple brain-compatible strategies that will make a measurable difference in your differentiated classrooms.

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Think Big, Start Small

You no longer have to be a neuroscientist to understand how your students absorb knowledge. This easy-to-comprehend guide pares down the vast field of neuroscience and covers the brain basics that affect your classroom the mostattention, memory, emotions, and stress. With a variety of simple brain-compatible strategies, youll see a measurable difference in your differentiated classrooms.

  • Review neuroscience research on learning, attention, memory, emotions, and stress.
  • Learn how to create a safe and secure brain-friendly environment that maximizes student learning.
  • Gain low-prep and high-yield strategies for assessing student knowledge, interests, and preferences.
  • Understand how simple changes in the presentation of your information can engage students more quickly.

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Product Code: BKF471

ISBN: 9781935543060

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 168

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