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Mathematics Unit Planning in a PLC at Work®, Grades PreK–2

By: Sarah Schuhl, Timothy D. Kanold, Jennifer Deinhart, Nathan D. Lang-Raad, Matthew R. Larson, Nanci N. Smith

Bring a laser-like focus to the content PreK–2 students need to learn in every unit throughout the year. This unit planning resource enhances teacher collaboration through the PLC at Work process, increasing student learning in mathematics in early childhood education classrooms.

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A PLC at Work guide to planning mathematics units for PreK–2 classrooms

Bring a laser-like focus to the mathematics content your students need to learn throughout the year. Written by trusted mathematics experts, this resource helps PreK–2 teachers fully answer PLC critical question one: what do we want all students to know and be able to do? Read the book as a team to acquire detailed model mathematics units, learn how to perform seven collaborative tasks, and more.

  • Understand how to collaboratively plan curriculum units in grades preK–2.
  • Study the seven unit-planning elements and learn how to incorporate each in unit designs for early childhood education.
  • Review the role of the PLC at Work®️ process in enhancing student learning and teacher collaboration.
  • Observe four model units related to the foundations of addition and subtraction, one for each grade level.
  • Receive tools and templates for effective unit planning in a professional learning community (PLC).

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Additional Information

Product Code: BKF964

ISBN: 9781951075231

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 176

“Collaborative team-connected mathematics planning is essential. This amazingly helpful resource provides grade-level teams with a careful analysis of the critical issues and important elements of unit-based planning for preK–2 mathematics students. Grade-level teams, use this book! It confronts planning questions you must address, and, importantly, provides the tools necessary for you to both plan for and monitor your instruction. And, to help you see what such planning actually looks like, the authors provide units that focus on critical topics as exemplars of such planning.”

Francis (Skip) Fennell, professor of education and graduate and professional studies emeritus, McDaniel College, Maryland

“This book has all the key components needed to guide preK through grade 2 teachers as they work together to plan mathematics instruction and assessment. Teachers will benefit from deeper discussions using the tools and protocols, and mathematics coaches will benefit from the focus on the development of a common language and specific planning steps.”

Georgina Rivera, elementary STEM supervisor, Bristol Public Schools, Connecticut

“Teachers frequently lament that they need to see real examples they can use as models to jump-start their collaborative work. This book includes exactly those! With a well-developed planning process along with templates and completed examples to use as models, teams will quickly be able to get started writing, or revising, effective unit plans.”

Chris Jakicic, author and educational consultant

“At last—a practical guide for preK–2 teams to collaboratively develop detailed units that incorporate essential mathematics content. The authors provide reproducible tools designed to support teacher collaboration, communication, and analysis of student progress toward mastery. This is an exceptional resource that supports teacher teams as they deepen their understanding of what it takes to provide meaningful learning experiences for all students.”

Kit Norris, author, product developer, and mathematics consultant
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