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The Teacher Team Leader Handbook

Simple Habits to Transform Collaboration in a PLC at Work®

By: Chad M. V. Dumas

Teacher team leaders, this book is for you. It will build your knowledge and skills in approaches and actions that get more done in less time, and with greater joy, to help your team truly become the engine that drives the most promising strategy for improving student achievement.

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Format: Paperback

Effective habits to transform PLC collaboration

Education expert and award-winning researcher Chad M. V. Dumas provides teacher team leaders with clarity on their role and approach, accompanied by actions that help teams get going, gain momentum, overcome obstacles, and refine skills that maximize their effectiveness in professional learning communities. Uncover the responsibilities, assumptions, and mindsets of effective teacher team leaders and utilize simple, go-to moves, techniques, and strategies that will transform team collaboration.

K–12 teacher team leaders can rely on this handbook to:

  • Understand the three key responsibilities of the team leader in a PLC
  • Cultivate assumptions and mindsets for successful team collaboration
  • Utilize tools to implement simple actions that transform team functioning
  • Reflect on their progress and determine future action steps
  • Address common challenges that impede their effectiveness

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Product Code: BKG210

ISBN: 9781960574985

Published By: Solution Tree

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