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Co-Teaching Evolved

Partnership Strategies for an Equitable, Inclusive, and Tech-Powered Classroom

By: Matthew Rhoads, Belinda Dunnick Karge

As co-teaching becomes more commonplace, there is a need for change. This book walks educators through building relationships and creating an accord between co-teachers. Using a blend of research-based co-teaching strategies and cutting-edge instructional practices, teachers can learn to prepare their students to be lifelong learners in a dynamic world.

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Create collaborative co-teaching partnerships

With technology and artificial intelligence playing a growing role in education, traditional co-teaching strategies require an update. The authors offer a revived approach to co-teaching that accounts for pressing topics in today’s classroom. PreK–12 teachers will learn to create collaborative co-teaching partnerships and navigate key co-teaching components—such as lesson design, conflict resolution, and communication with stakeholders—with research-backed tools and strategies.

PreK–12 teachers as well as school and district leaders can use this book to:

  • Incorporate digital technology tools such as ed tech and artificial intelligence into lessons
  • Plan and design co-taught lessons based on research-backed instructional strategies
  • Understand how to involve specialists in co-teaching planning and decisions
  • Learn and adopt the mindset and communication skills behind thriving co-teaching partnerships
  • Establish and cultivate a culture of collaboration with co-teachers and stakeholders

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