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Richard K. Cohen

Set Ascending Direction

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  1. The Metacognitive Student

    How to Teach Academic, Social, and Emotional Intelligence in Every Content Area

    Dive deep into the what and how of structured SELf-questioning—a powerful metacognitive strategy you can use to support students academically, socially, and emotionally.



  2. The Metacognitive Preschooler

    How to Teach Academic, Social, and Emotional Intelligence to Your Youngest Students

    Discover a singular, practical, evidence-based solution to overcome behavior and learning challenges in early childhood students. The coauthors of this book provide a metacognitive strategy for educators aiming to teach preschoolers SEL competencies, improve school climate, boost academic performance, and increase inclusivity.



  3. The Metacognitive Student: Developing SELf-directed, SELf-motivated and SELf-regulated Learners with One Practical Strategy (edWeb Webinar)

    February 13, 2023

    Today, more and more preK–12 students are dealing with increasing academic, social and emotional stressors. Students of all ages are becoming more dependent upon adults to help calm their emotions, complete challenging academic tasks, and resolve social conflicts that arise each day. There is just not enough time for the adults at school to help every child in need. Come see how one simple, evidence-based, metacognitive strategy develops every student into an autonomous critical thinker and problem solver across academic content areas and social and emotional contexts.

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