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Behavior Academies

Targeted Interventions That Work!

By: Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan, John Hannigan

Effectively remedying student behavior means forming targeted behavior intervention methods. Authors Jessica and John Hannigan create a step-by-step process for replacing challenging student behaviors with those that strengthen essential life skills for school and beyond.

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Cultivate and sustain a harmonious school with targeted behavior interventions that work.

With student behavioral problems and teacher turnover at all-time highs, educators need behavioral interventions that work. With its practical behavior intervention method, this book replaces problematic behaviors with essential life skills for school and beyond. Educators can implement effective targeted interventions in twenty-five minutes or less using eight predefined behavior academies and a process to create their own.

This book will help K–12 educators:

  • Address their own beliefs about students’ challenging behavior
  • Learn the eight behavior academies and their corresponding life skills
  • Identify the core components of an academy’s initial, ongoing, and exit sessions
  • Build their own behavior academy with a clearly outlined process
  • Use behavior rehearsal cards for an academy’s ongoing sessions

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Additional Information

Product Code: BKG114

ISBN: 9781960574084

Published By: Solution Tree

“In over 30 years of working in public schools as a teacher and administrator at every level, I have concluded that one of the biggest myths surrounding our work with students is the misconception that students should enter our schools knowing how to behave and that effective discipline practices must punish students who do not. How I wish my staff and I could have benefited from the wisdom provided in Behavior Academies. Team Hannigan effectively articulates that misbehavior by students is simply an indication that an opportunity to teach students a life skill has presented itself, reminding us that a cookie-cutter approach is the wrong approach and that ‘an interaction is not an intervention.’ Kudos to them for sharing what will be labeled an insightful classic for years to come.”

Luis F. Cruz, author and education expert

“Challenging behaviors have become a bigger and bigger part of education, and Behavior Academies is a must-have book that provides educators with ready-to-implement interventions. Jessica and John have created step-by-step plans to teach and practice 64 essential life skills that will be a game-changer for improving behaviors at your school.”

Benjamin Kitslaar, principal, West Side Elementary School, Wisconsin

“Once educators embrace the fact that punitive consequences are not the best way to respond to student behavior challenges, the question remains: How do we intervene when students lack essential behaviors? This book provides the answers! The authors break down exactly how to target, model, teach, practice, assess, and support students in essential behaviors like motivation, self-monitoring, mindset, and healthy social interactions. This book is truly a game-changer!”

Mike Mattos, author and education expert

“This is an essential resource for contemporary educators seeking practical solutions to help their students replace challenging behaviors while cultivating personalized life skills. With the proper guidance for forming targeted behavior intervention methods, I love how the outlined steps can be adapted and are readily accessible. This book provides more than just a set of interventions; it gives a comprehensive approach to behavior management and culture building.”

Jorge Valenzuela, author and education expert
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