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Coaching for Significant and Sustained Change in the Classroom

By: Tom Roy

This practical book leads instructional coaches and administrators through the process of building a strong solution-focused instructional coaching program that drives significant schoolwide change, improves teacher performance, and supports student success.

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A 5-Step Instructional Coaching Model for Making Real Improvements

Keeping educators’ skills sharp in a constantly changing world can be a challenge. But instructional coaching provides a focused, one-on-one plan for improving professional practice and teacher performance. In Coaching for Significant and Sustained Change in the Classroom, author Tom Roy shows coaches and administrators how to build strong solution-focused coaching programs and create positive change using a five-step instructional coaching model.

Bronze Award in the Education Category for Workbook/Resources

Move beyond teacher evaluations and classroom observations to establish a defined coaching program:

  • Understand that changes in instructional practices are needed to overcome the challenges today’s teachers face.
  • Learn what successful instructional coaching looks like and why coaching is the solution to getting effective professional development in the classroom.
  • Study the five steps of the coaching cycle for teachers, and explore time-proven coaching methods and strategies.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your current program by reviewing the elements of instructional coach training programs that lead to increased teacher performance and student success.
  • Receive tools and forms to help guide the coaching cycle, including teacher reflection, support, and peer coaching, as well as respond to professional development needs.

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Product Code: BKL038

ISBN: 9781943360154

Page Count: 144

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