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Jasmine K. Kullar

Jasmine K. Kullar, EdD, is an assistant superintendent for Cobb County School District, the second-largest school district in Georgia. She has expertise in building professional learning communities, as well as school leadership.

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Jasmine K. Kullar

Jasmine K. Kullar, EdD, is an assistant superintendent of a large metropolitan school district in Georgia. She is also a faculty member in the College of Professional Studies Educational Leadership Department at Albany State University in Georgia. In addition, she is involved with the Wallace Foundation's University Principal Preparation Initiative (UPPI) and a member of the national UPPI Professional Learning Community focused on redesigning university educational leadership preparation programs.

Prior to these roles, she was a middle school principal for seven years at two separate schools. With over ten years of school leadership experience, Dr. Kullar has worked at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. She has taught in both Canada and the United States, giving her a variety of experiences in working with schools and school districts. She has expertise in building professional learning communities as well as school leadership.

Her experience with PLCs began in her first year of teaching when she attended a PLC workshop and heard Rick DuFour. Since then, she has been implementing those tenets as a teacher. When she became a school administrator, she led her school to Model PLC status—the first school to receive this designation in the state of Georgia. Her school’s success as a PLC is featured on AllThingsPLC.info, titled “Sample Professional Learning Community Manual.”

She has published articles with ASCD and presented several workshops at both the state and national level. She is a lifelong learner, with her latest certificate from Harvard in Leading School Systems at the national level. She earned her doctorate from Argosy University in Georgia, her master’s from Memorial University of Newfoundland, her teaching certificate from Medaille College in Buffalo, and her undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto.

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April Smith, elementary and intermediate principal/assistant, Gilmer County Charter Schools, Georgia

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Mickey Weldon, chief academic officer, Tift County School System, Georgia