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The Metacognitive Student

How to Teach Academic, Social, and Emotional Intelligence in Every Content Area

By: Richard K. Cohen, Deanne Kildare Opatosky, James E. Savage, Susan Olsen Stevens, Edward P. Darrah

Foreword by: Maurice J. Elias

Dive deep into the what and how of structured SELf-questioning—a powerful metacognitive strategy you can use to support students academically, socially, and emotionally.

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Empower students to be independent thinkers and adept at self-reflection

What if there was one strategy you could use to support students academically, socially, and emotionally? It exists—and it’s simple, straightforward, and practical. In this results-focused resource, the authors dive deep into the what and how of structured SELf-questioning. Begin using this powerful academic and socioemotional approach in your own classroom to develop students into thriving thinkers who are confident, healthy, adaptive, and resilient.

  • Grasp the severity of the stress and anxiety teachers and students face in schools and how metacognitive SELf-questioning can reduce both.
  • Learn to implement effective SELf-questioning into instruction to foster social-emotional learning (SEL).
  • Review scenarios that depict use of the SELf-questioning strategy in every content area and grade level.
  • Gain insight into how advanced SELf-questioning can achieve transfer of learning in the classroom to any academic or social context.
  • Autonomously customize and create your own SELf-question sets and apply them to any situation within or outside of school.

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Product Code: BKF954

ISBN: 9781951075033

Published By: Solution Tree

The Metacognitive Student is practical, comprehensive, and relevant to today’s educators. Step by step, the authors clearly explain and support their core concept of helping students develop a reliable metacognitive strategy. This book is precisely what educators, students, and society need.”

Cindy Goldrich, ADHD Parent Coach and Teacher Consultant

“The authors have prepared a much-needed, simple to replicate, six-step model that shows teachers exactly how to do what the title promises: engage any student with a single, powerful tool that promotes social, emotional, and academic outcomes in any lesson.”

James A. Bellanca, Author of Personalized Deeper Learning: Blueprints for Teaching Complex Cognitive, Social-Emotional, and Digital Skills

“Regardless of your role in education or mental health, read this marvelous book to learn how you can give the young people under your influence and care the strategies they will need for success in every aspect of their lives.”

From the foreword by Maurice J. Elias
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