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Moving Beyond Busy

Focusing School Change on Why, What, and How

By: Greg Curtis

Foreword by: Jay McTighe

Break the cycle of endless busywork to achieve sustainable change with the support of Moving Beyond Busy. This change management book will help you establish goal clarity, engage in strategic action, and guide transformational change for student-centered learning.

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Student-centered strategic planning for school improvement

Break the cycle of endless busywork to achieve sustainable change. With the support of Moving Beyond Busy by Greg Curtis, you will learn how to commit to a few clear, learning-focused goals—and then act on them—using the input-output-impact (I-O-I) framework. This accessible framework simplifies the process of transformation, helping you bridge the gap between your school’s mission and vision and real student-centered teaching and learning.

Use this change management book to develop your strategic plan for school improvement:

  • Examine traditional approaches to change management in schools and why they have often been ineffective.
  • Study the why-what-how sequence of change and how it provides a path to greater goal clarity and effectiveness.
  • Become familiar with the input-output-impact (I-O-I) framework, and understand how to use it to achieve lasting, transformational change.
  • Learn key methods for strategic planning in schools and how to enact change in your school.
  • Identify ineffective actions to eliminate in order to reduce teacher burnout and free up time and resources for practices that align with the school’s mission and vision.

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Product Code: BKF854

ISBN: 9781947604575

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 160

“Every school leader understands that schools need to change. Moving Beyond Busy cuts through the white noise of 'more is better' and highlights the I-O-I framework as the clear and concise road map that will help all schools achieve authentic and lasting improvement. Using real data to assess lofty school goals has been a challenge in every school I’ve worked in. Moving Beyond Busy will be the guide to help my next school identify, develop, and (most importantly) realize its next strategic plan. Thank you, Greg Curtis, for helping us work smarter rather than busier.”

Matthew R. Merritt, secondary school principal, KPIS International School

“As Greg points out early in this book, when working toward transformation in education, we ‘often put the how before the what and assume that everyone shares the same understanding of the why.’ This book provides educational leaders with a meaningful framework and practical tools to purposefully engage the members of their learning communities in a planning process that will result in focused, connected, evidence-informed, and sustainable transformation. It is a road map for mission-driven, learner-centered results!”

Lisa Elliott, superintendent, School District of Greenfield, Wisconsin
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