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  1. Edward P. Darrah

    Edward P. Darrah is a licensed and certified professional counselor and is triple board-certified in counseling, school counseling, and telemental health. He serves as a mental health and performance counselor for Temple University athletics.

  2. Gayle Gregory

    Gayle Gregory, a former teacher, has extensive experience as a staff developer and administrator. She has taught at the elementary, middle, and high school levels as well as in university settings.

  3. Martha Kaufeldt

    Martha Kaufeldt is a professional development specialist and author. She travels internationally doing workshops and trainings on curriculum development, differentiated instruction, assessment, mindfulness, and brain-friendly strategies for teachers.

  4. Kathleen Kryza

    Kathleen Kryza is a master teacher, consultant, and coach who has presented highly practical, brain-based, and inspirational workshops internationally for more than 25 years.

  5. Christine Mason

    Christine Mason, PhD, is an educational psychologist, researcher, consultant, and mindfulness yoga meditation instructor. She facilitates dynamic workshops for educators that incorporate the latest neuroscience research with practical strategies for improving school climate and academic achievement.

  6. Michele M. Rivers Murphy

    Dr. Rivers Murphy, EdD, is a seasoned presenter and educational leader. A change agent for over two decades, she has helped transform some of the highest-needs neighborhoods and districts by improving student active engagement, teacher self-care, school culture, and academic success.

  7. LeAnn Nickelsen

    LeAnn Nickelsen, an author and a former teacher, is an expert on brain research strategies, best practices in literacy, and other high-impact tools that close and prevent gaps in high-poverty schools.

  8. Eric Saunders

    Eric Saunders, EdD, serves as state assistant superintendent for district support with the Arkansas Department of Education. Previously, he was an assistant superintendent for Benton Public Schools in Benton, Arkansas.

  9. David A. Sousa

    David A. Sousa, EdD, is an author and international consultant. He has received numerous awards from professional associations, school districts, and educational foundations for his commitment to research, staff development, and science education.

  10. Susan Olsen Stevens

    Susan Olsen Stevens is an educator with experience that spans private, public, and international schools. Her mission is to inspire joy in reading and writing as a way to communicate important ideas.

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